Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend in Aylmer/Ottawa

Well, about time I update my blog! Right now I'm actually in the middle of working out, and when I'm between sets I run over to my desk and write a little bit. Even though it might sound a little crazy, I find that it's a great way to maximize my time. I have to wait 30 seconds to a minute between sets anyways, so rather than standing around doing nothing, I do whatever needs to be done. Today it's updating my blog, but other times it's folding laundry or cleaning up my room.

My butt is currently on fire because I just did a really intense set of leg lifts. A lot of people wonder how I have the drive to be able to train at home, but honestly it just comes naturally to me. Since the early age of 14, I have been working out about 4-5 times a week. If I don't work out that much, I feel really shitty, both physically and mentally. When I'm not pushing myself enough during a certain exercise, I find it extremely effective to picture Roy Callender (my former aerobics instructor/mentor of some sort/former Mr.Universe) yelling at me to work harder. I also have really energetic playlists going all the while, which is a big help.

Anyways, that was a long ramble before getting to the actual topic of my entry: the weekend we just spent in Aylmer with our friends Brad and Nadine. We had a really nice time and it was great to catch up. We hadn't seen them in over a year, and had never seen their new house. Their town is really nice, and they even have a beach around 2 minutes away by car. We were also lucky enough to get a tour of downtown Ottawa and Parliament Hill, which was really cool.

We saw the hilarious movie "Super Bad" that I recommend to everyone. We laughed out loud pretty much throughout. We also complained to the management about an annoying humming noise we heard during the movie, and got free movie tickets! Other than that, we had great laughs playing the trailor park version of Life (yes, it exists as a real game).

Overall, we had a great time, and here are some pictures:

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